Play in the Rain

Watching the neighborhood kids play merrily in a mid-winter rain delighted my weary soul. Inclement weather does not seem to spoil their resilience or outdoor fun. Have you ever noticed that children seem to easily discover their daily purpose? Their imaginations lead them confidently in the right direction every time. Kids don’t waste a moment… Read More Play in the Rain

Take the Last Seat

The delicious smells emanating from her kitchen made your hungry stomach rumble in anticipation of a scrumptious meal. Appetizers of every variety would be lovingly displayed on the center island accompanied by matching napkins and serving plates. She would have anticipated every person’s drink preference – the beautiful bottles of wine and spirits would be… Read More Take the Last Seat

The Kitchen

The stately Cape Cod home beckons you forward from its hilltop perch above the Atlantic. As you approach the side door anticipation grips your heart. Entering, you dash up the short corridor and step into the sun drenched room – windows line the entire back wall – and experience something quite rare, total love and… Read More The Kitchen


It was the end of a long evening walk with my little dog Hannah. We were slowly heading up a steep hill – one that we often avoid – when my eye caught something different behind us. I paused for a moment to get a better view. Coming toward us was a teen boy and… Read More Encounter