You Decide

As I pushed my overflowing cart full of stuff through the narrow aisle, something got in my way. I became annoyed at the slow moving couple in front of me. I desperately wanted to go around them but there was no where to go with all the Christmas merchandise jammed onto the shelves, so I… Read More You Decide

Eat Local

We were eager to hit the road. I had no idea what to expect when we headed west for a 3-day college tour. Our little group consisted of my son who ate anything but healthy food, my recent college grad who is allergic to dairy and me. Friends know that food is something I love… Read More Eat Local

Seeing Clearly

He greeted me with a warm smile beneath an all too familiar mask. The brightness in his eyes revealed a welcome grin under layers of cotton. “May I help you?” he asked. When I pulled out the item which I had brought into the little shop, he nodded approvingly. “I’d like to reframe this sketch…it’s… Read More Seeing Clearly

The Giver

His gray whiskers adorn the fine lines of his handsome face. I look for him weekly, hoping that he’ll shop during my two-hour stretch. I’ve come to anticipate his smile, genuine kindness and the sheer joy he brings to a sometimes difficult place. He’s one of the givers in life. I’ve only known him for… Read More The Giver

Changing Colors

The evening chill silently crept in through the door. Although the sun still shone brightly on most days there was something magical happening all around me. Tired greens leaves would soon be replaced by stunning golds, oranges and reds. In an unsuspecting way, my favorite season had arrived in all her colorful splendor. The beauty… Read More Changing Colors

Let It Out

An elderly gentleman held the door as I gingerly balanced my son’s breakfast in one hand and my hot coffee in the other. We were both clad in full face masks but I could see his kind heart through this thoughtful gesture. It had been a hectic morning with the builders arriving just after dawn… Read More Let It Out