Take the Last Seat

The delicious smells emanating from her kitchen made your hungry stomach rumble in anticipation of a scrumptious meal. Appetizers of every variety would be lovingly displayed on the center island accompanied by matching napkins and serving plates. She would have anticipated every person’s drink preference – the beautiful bottles of wine and spirits would be… Read More Take the Last Seat

The Kitchen

The stately Cape Cod home beckons you forward from its hilltop perch above the Atlantic. As you approach the side door anticipation grips your heart. Entering, you dash up the short corridor and step into the sun drenched room – windows line the entire back wall – and experience something quite rare, total love and… Read More The Kitchen


It was the end of a long evening walk with my little dog Hannah. We were slowly heading up a steep hill – one that we often avoid – when my eye caught something different behind us. I paused for a moment to get a better view. Coming toward us was a teen boy and… Read More Encounter


Reflections from our 20th Anniversary trip to Hawaii – 6 years ago. It’s the last precious morning of our tranquil vacation in beautiful Hawaii. As I’ve done all week, I woke early to greet the sunrise. Amazingly, each day, it is always the same…the sun rises from the depths of it’s earthly slumber to shed… Read More Sunrise

Rain or Shine

The afternoon sky became overcast and dark. Looming clouds gathered over the rumbling ocean, blocking the warmth of the southern sun which we had enjoyed all day. Wedding guests nervously chatted and prayed for clear skies, but the bride and groom remained calm and resolute – unconcerned about the troublesome weather forming around them. Becoming… Read More Rain or Shine

Let Go

She sat very still, almost like a statue. I looked over at her from time to time, just to make sure she was okay. She seemed to be in another world, entirely consumed by the moment, her prayer and our uniquely tranquil environment. When I think back to those incredibly precious moments in the Adoration… Read More Let Go


She approached the podium with confidence and joy. Looking at her outward appearance, one would never guess the horrors of her past. Without missing a beat she began “I grew up in a violent home…drugs, alcohol – you name it. I was always angry. I didn’t know there was another way. When I ended up… Read More Reborn