Find the Joy

“I’m at peace…and I’ve become very quiet.” It’s stunning to realize that a 17-year-old boy who was being held prisoner by the Nazis during WWII, wrote these words in a letter home to his parents, one day before his execution. Our pastor shared this story in his weekend homily, causing me to think deeply about… Continue reading Find the Joy

JetBlue Stranger

Chatting with the mature, lovely woman on my JetBlue flight Friday morning was a welcome change from the events in the media over the past few days. As soon as I sat down in the aisle seat, we began talking about everything from our mutual affection for our parents to our common desire to help… Continue reading JetBlue Stranger

Do I Matter?

Sitting in the hot afternoon sun of a late August day I was pleasantly greeted by my tired, yet excited son. He jumped into the car after his freshman orientation exclaiming “It was good.” I asked him about the overnight, the activities and the new kids. All questions received an affirmative answer followed by “Oh… Continue reading Do I Matter?

Rise Up

It greets you at the most inopportune moments. It comes in silence – this uninvited guest – and causes utter exhaustion of body and mind. For those who live with it, the challenge is great. For those who don’t, explaining its impact is near impossible. This familiar adversary which invades many people’s daily life is none… Continue reading Rise Up